The Edgeryders vision is a world in which every human can live up to her full potential as a creative, responsible being.

We believe in full participation by everyone in the life of her community and that of the planet.Our philosophy (backed by evidence) is that the collective intelligence of any community is more powerful than its individuals alone. We develop methods and open source technologies to direct this collective intelligence at supporting people and projects that contribute to the common good. Some Edgeryders projects are initiated by community members, others are driven by our not-for-profit social enterprise. We strive to ensure our projects create enough value, financial and otherwise, to compensate everyone who contributes.

To achieve our mission, we:

  • Increase knowledge about existing initiatives, organisations, people, places and networks. Acknowledge their good work and build on it. Do not duplicate them or compete with them.
  • Foster maximal diversity to attack systemic problems. We now know diversity trumps ability.
  • Improve ability to analyse and interpret information. Produce and use data. Have a data strategy.

Joining this community means collaborating with, inspiring and learning from a diverse group of people from every corner of the globe.

As an active participant, you develop new skills and learn with your peers how to connect direct impact and systems change. As a client you gain access to a unique pool of skilled and passionate people doing brilliant work in 40+ countries.

Getting started is easy! 

  1. Create an Edgeryders account, upload a picture you like, and add a short biography/description -
  2. Let your fellow community members know a little more about you/your work -
  3. Attend our live events and workshops - or run your own

If you have any questions or need help getting started contact  or contact someone in the Edgeryders team:


Portrait Noemi Portrait Nadia Portrait Tarot Alberto Punk

Noemi Salantiu, Head of Community |

Noemi is a social scientist from Romania who is passionate about building bridges and helping people to build relationships. She is inspired by the diversity of the Edgeryders community, and believes that Edgeryders offers the opportunity to create meaningful work in professions that may not yet exist.

Nadia EL-Imam, Founding Director |

An engineer, designer and activist, Nadia has roots in Europe, Asia and Africa. She does everything from build new client relationships to get coffee, and believes that the diverse insights gained by the lack of traditional chain-of-command structure allows Edgeryders to find imaginative and unconventional solutions.

Alberto Cottica, Head of Research |

An Italian economist, network scientist and open data activist, Alberto is the man to talk to you if you want to understand how a collective intelligence consultancy works. He is dedicated to the idea that every problem has its natural solvers, and that the best solutions are found by those who care about the problem the most.

John Coate Wired Matthias Portrait Patrick Andrews Portrait  

John Coate, Wizard |

John was (literally) the original Online Community Manager, and one of the first people to recognise the power of online communication as a catalyst for progress. He is driven by his strong belief that the collective intelligence of any community is the great untapped resource in solving the challenges it faces.

Matthias Ansorg, CTO |

Matthias is a rock-solid German open source hacker who refuses to believe that his work borders on magic (it does!)

Patrick Andrews, Head of Governance |

Patrick is a former corporate lawyer, activist and writer from the UK who keeps the company engine of Edgeryders running smoothly. He was attracted to the fact that Edgeryders was not only asking big questions, but open to looking beyond simple answers.