The advisory board of Edgeryders is meant to contribute a more external or community-based point of view on the company's activities. Advisors have no responsibility and no power to run the day-by-day; they carry out an oversight function. This is enabled by two main channels:

  • Advisors have full access to company records. This means accessing the Admin group on the edgeryders platform, where new company projects are discussed, and the company's online accounting platform, where all financial informations are hosted.
  • Advisors are invited to a physical company meeting once a year, to spend a couple of days with the directors, get everyone on the same page and strategise. 

At the present time, advisors (like directors) are not paid. However, the company will cover the travel cost for advisors to join the annual meeting, and it will buy advisors a nice meal.

Advisors are appointed for each financial year. If you are interested in becoming one, providing oversight and an additional perspective for improving our work, please get in touch with company a company director (list) or the current advisors. Advisors should be good people; not too invested in the company; who care about the community and are recognised by the community. Company members and directors cannot be advisors.

@Dorotea and @emkay have accepted to serve as advisors for financial year 2015-2016. Thanks!

We acknowledge the help of @Caroline_Paulick-Thiel in designing the advisory board.

Photo credit: Antoniu Pop