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How administration powers over the edgeryders.eu website are allocated

@Matthias is responsible for continued functioning of the Edgeryders platform, and is the person ultimately in charge of giving out and revoking admin rights. Having admin rights entail the risk of breaking something, so they are handed out on a "need to" basis: anyone who does not need them should not have them. Even reasonably experienced site admins will, occasionally, break things, and Matt will have to go and fix him. Non-admins, on the other word, normally cannot break anything. 

As a consequence, a case must be made for people (besides Matt) to have admin rights. Some of us (like Alberto) need admin rights to build stuff using modules called Views and Panelizer. Others (like Noemi and Nadia) to help inexperienced users who get it wrong, for example by unpublishing/republishing/converting content, or reassigning it to different groups for better visibility. We will still break things, but on the whole these activities are thought to create more benefits than technical problems. 

Tens of people were given admin rights at some point to carry out software- or content development work (like LOTE-events minisites). When we have some spare time, we review the list of admins and revoke the powers of admins who are no longer active.

There is an intermediate role called "content manager" which is less dangerous than that of site admin and can be given out more liberally. It does not give access to the codebase, but it does allow people in this role to do things like edit other users' content (for example to help users who get stuck with the platform, or post their content to the wrong project). 

If you need admin or content manager powers in the context of a project, talk to the project's leader – he or she will typically be very easy to identify. If you are unsure, ask Matthias.