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The Edgeryders LBG Administration space and how to access it

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The Edgeryders community website allows any registered user to create "projects" or "groups". One particular group, called Administration ER LBG, is set aside for the members and directors of Edgeryders LBG, the social enterprise built on top of the Edgeryders online community. This group is listed in the Projects page, but its contents are only visible to members. 

We chose this configuration after experimenting with different types of rules to access the admin group. On the one hand, people involved in running the company need to be able to enjoy discretion in some cases (for example when participating in competitive tendering, where competitors could use information on our proposal to their advantage); on the other hand Edgeryders LBG recognises the need for accountability. For the time being, we solve the first problem by limiting access to the group to the members and directors of Edgeryders LBG; and we solve the second one by appointing an advisory board with oversight functions, whose members do have access to the Admin group. 

At the present time, the only way to gain full access to the Admin group is to become a member, a director or a member of the advisory board of Edgeryders LBG. If you have specific questions, you can address them to standing members or directors.