This is the hangout and meeting space of the Edgeryders webhome. Welcome to discuss plain everything of mutual interest! Write a post and get feedback, or give feedback with comments. Especially if you don't want to create a permanent project for your idea or topic, this is a good way to engage with your fellow Edgeryders. 

Share your story from the Edge! We learned that a very efficient way to get the most out of being a member in our community is to talk with all honesty about how we are living and participating in society, and where we need help to improve our situation and that of our communities. 


Community Call 26/7 at 1800: Play date with GraphRyder! (episode 2: return of the ethnographic codes)

In the direct continuity of the last community call, we propose another seance of online and interactive demo showing GraphRyder, and especially how we use it to visualise what the EdgeRyders' community (hey, that's you!) is talking about, and what we try to extract from all this content.

Wed, 2017-07-26 20:00

Create a post-lote4 follow up newsletter: Help me fill in the gaps

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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for a beautiful lote. I am so happy we finally managed to find the time to really meet one another and have an open conversation(s) about many questions and issues. Including where we want to take things looking forward together.

[LOTE4 Tickets] Design icons for Project Page

I will design a small number of icons to make the Projects page easy to navigate and visually consistent.

The icons will make it easier for someone (for example a newcomer on Edgeryders) to get an overview of the different kinds of groups found on the platform. They will also ensure the page gives a sense of diversity without overwhelming visuals.

Create banners, badges, ads and icons community members can use to represent Edgeryders

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This task was initially put up ahead of Living on the Edge #4 event, now it's a general purpose task.

Want to see Edgeryders LBG generate more quality paid work for the community? Help prospective clients and partners find their way to us by creating banners out of the Edgeryders logos. So anyone who wishes to support our work can do so from their own site.

How to complete the task

Build LOTE4 Budget, break deliverables down into tasks and upload into Makerfox platform

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We agreed during the #futurespotters meeting in Tbilisi that LOTE tickets are not free, and cannot be bought. Only earned.

We also agreed the way tickets would be allocated is through the makerfox platform. I.e. people secure a ticket when they have contributed work to the value of x number of makerfox points. X is = Cost of producing the event, divided by number of participants.

So we need to:

Circles of openness

Dear Edgeryders, 

I'd like to share an experience about resilient community practices. Last year I organized a series of meetings in Utrecht, The Netherlands. First they were about Free living and money, later they were about freedom and transforming trauma's through awareness as I felt a desire to treat a more direct approach about individual transformation. I call these meetings "Circles of openness". 

Follow the worldwide movement of refugees with this visual

This article explains, wiht a animated graphic, the worldwide movement of refugees.  I also posted it on Facebook mainly as a way to show my amiercan friends that the USA is not where most refugees go.  I know a few people, and many of my friends do to, who in fact think the USA is filling up with refugees.  Not true at all, and really just one more way that people over here assume the whole world revolves around us.  It doesn't and it shouldn't, espcially with who runs the US government these days.

New Report: Economic importance of Internet Infrastructure

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"Over here this interesting report was published today. It compares the economic impact of the big harbour of Rotterdam, the airport Schiphol, and the fiber and exchange infrastructure around the AMS-IX.

Surprise: the growth is much higher of the Internet "harbour" Economy, soon to overtake the others in absolute size."


SWARMWISE - leadership book by Rick Falkvinge

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"The book doesn’t go into theoretical detail, psychology, or deep research papers. Rather, it is very hands-on leadership advice from pure experience – it covers everything from how you give instructions to new activists about handing out flyers in the street, up to and including how you communicate with TV stations and organize hundreds of thousands of people in a coherent swarm.

Incubators/accelerators for (social) businesses on the edge

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As our beautiful stunted mutant of a company seems to be taking roots, I am looking around for possible incubators/acceleration programmes. This is quite tricky, because they tend to cater to for-profit businesses. This wiki contains links and one-line description of programmes that might be a good match for companies as "far out" as Edgeryders LBG. Needs an Edgeryders account to be edited.

[Draft] Community News 23/06/2015: Protests in Armenia, and building economic free zones in Ukraine

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Help Edgeryders help you to draw engagement and participation in your project. Post your news and calls to action below, and we will push it out through various channels including the mailing list. The format is:

[#yourprojecthashtag][Location][tag][kind of activity]: 1 sentence description of what is going on/main point. Call to action: URL

Community Newsletter 09/06/2015: How do we document disasters gracefully and does Egypt run on hyper-Schumpeter?

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself. I am Natalie Gryvnyak, story seeker, journalist, youth activist and networker from Ukraine. I will be facilitating development of the Edgeryders community in Ukraine, will share interesting insights about the country, that in past two years has gone through war, social challenges and economic downfall. Hope our stories, initiatives and examples can help, inspire and be good for potential collaboration within your communities. You can always write me, comment here through my profile or via skype: nataliegryvnyak

Community Newsletter 28/05/2015: Nepal is sharing stories, Bucharest is filming away, and Cairo is getting ready for a visit!

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Spot the Future Bucharest and Future Makers Nepal have really taken off. While at the same time the Global Future Makers project is starting its engines: the first country visit will take place June 2-4 in Cairo! And preparations have started for #LOTE5, if you'd like to join contact or leave a comment.