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Article: 3D Printing Helps Husband Seek Treatment for Wife’s Brain Tumor

The Challenge: 

The Question: 

How to share complex knowledge about a brain condition?

The Problem: 

Surgeons need sophisticated instructions to perform brain surgery. If diagnostics come from a different hospitals, a disconnect might result

The Solution: 

3D print a model of the brain!

Latest surface scan with color textures by slo 3D creators on Sketchfab

Hi Everyone, I came across this article today and thought it may be of interest to the group:

"Thanks to Sketchfab, Mike was able to send the 3D model of his wife’s skull to surgeons at both hospitals. Johns Hopkins claimed that their only recourse would be a full scalping to drill through the portion of his wife’s forehead above her eyebrow. UPMC, though, agreed to do it."

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