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Day 1 Reflexions

Day 1



We did groups of three persons (Anna, Cindy V, Luisa) two from product design and one from gwk. We start to talk about theme of People on the move that was basically in relation with our personal experiences and people around us that exactly are in the them “on move”.


In our group we talked about the people that we know they moved to Germany to try to start a new life with a lot of difficulties but in the same time with a lot of dreams and expectations and how this people, including me, had to adapt their life here and learn all over again.

We talk too about what thinking people in Germany about this people on the move. For example; how people help other people to learn about how works the things here. Experiences from Anna and Luisa and how they contributed with friends with a Asylum Solicitudes to find more opportunists to study and work in Germany.


We talk too about how is the feeling from German people about the foreigns that are coming, some people can understand the situation but other people are very heavy and close to foreign. We try to find many answers to understand why people in Germany having a negative reaction for foreigns and possible solutions “how people turn fear into trust”.

I thin personally was a very interesting conversation because we coming from different context and was really god to hear about experiences from a foreign and from locals about the theme “People on the move”. Was important to know both sites to try to find many other possibles ways around this them.


So why?

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Hello @Cindy. Great to read about your discussion there. So, what's your conclusion? Why do people who stay react badly to people on the move? How do you think you can turn fear into trust? And is fear really the right word?

what can people together?

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Hi Alberto

I think people who stay react badly to people on the move basically because they did not have the same experience to go far away from home and rebuild a home in other place, the most of this people were always in the same place, maybe because this place was very comfortable for them. they are people who maybe do not want to leave the comfort zone and take risk. So they can´t understand people on the move because they maybe didn´t try go on the move. The other reason maybe that people who stay living very well in this comfort zone and are afraid that people are coming can interfere in this zone. They are afraid to the unknown. The question maybe be is how can lose the fear to the unknown in this society? and What can bring people together ?

How can learn people in this

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How can learn people in this society to be tolerant and patient with others. These are characteristics that I see missing for example in the context of design.

Does your personal experience help your thinking?

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@Cindy, I was reading on your user profile about the support you get from the family you work for. Does this more positive experience reveal new approaches in your design? Or can those people on the "right" side of the debate also offer helpful insights? The advantage is that they can relate to both German peers and foreign peers, and so have more complete information. I would think they can become bridge builders in a solution design.