Why and how to join Edgeryders LbG


You can join the Edgeryders community at any time, simply by creating an account and starting to interact. Paid work opportunities are posted on the community website as they appear; any member of the community can take on paid work for Edgeryders (the company – see below).

The community benefits from two main services, the online platform and the (roughly) yearly conference Living On The Edge; these services are produced by a limited company, also called Edgeryders, (to avoid confusion we usually call it Edgeryders LBG) incorporated in the United Kingdom as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2013.

The company is run by a board of directors. Like in other companies, the board of directors are responsible for strategy, management of the corporate assets (funds, intellectual property) and allocation of company resources to projects.

While the community is a pure do-ocracy, the company is regulated by British corporate law; there are mandated general meetings of members, board meetings etc.

If you are interested in getting more formally involved in the company, there are two main ways: becoming a member and joining the advisory board.

A member is similar to a shareholder in a conventional for-profit company, except there is no equity and no profits to be shared. Members collectively own Edgeryders. Ownership is split into equal parts. Members get to vote on the appointment of directors and on changes in the statute, the company's "constitution". Thus they play a vital role in holding the directors to account. 

Members are people willing to take on a long term commitment towards the Edgeryders company and community, in which they see part of their personal and professional future. Members are largely autonomous, but are also committed to creating value for each other and the community (otherwise there would be no point in working together!). In the foreseeable future, new members will need to be mentored in by existing ones, probably starting by project managing. Talk to us if you are interested in applying to become a member. New members have to be approved by the board of directors. The legal responsibility of members is limited to guaranteeing 1,000 pounds sterling against the company's debts; at the moment this is nullified by Edgeryders policy of not taking any debt.

The Advisory Board works with the board of directors to help develop strategy and help provide a wider perspective for the work of the board.  It has no legal responsibility.

(Photo: Mikhail Volchek)