Welcome to the program of Living On The Edge 5!


Central theme: Failure - how we discover it, how we learn from it and how we move on and get better. Little more explanation: we’ve been co-creating this program with those interested from the Edgeryders community and beyond, meaning it’s now a diversity-festival of all the fields Edgeryders work in. We are still accepting proposals - upload your session here.

Location and main venue: Brussels Art Factory, SMartBE

THURSDAY 25/02 LOTE5 KICK OFF! (MerabRoom)
16.00-17.00 Participants arrive and get to know the SMARTBE building. Have a drink and get comfy.
17.00-18.00 Welcome and introductions to set the stage. What are we here to learn?

Cooking together at SMartBE - Lote5 food team in action.

FuckUp Nights Brussels: Living on the Edge edition!
Music and performance by Nele Needs a Holiday, Flanders' favorite singer-songwriter. Starts after 21.00


FRIDAY 26/02 Care (Hackistan room) Culture (AddOn room) Development (BrightAndShiny room) (MerabRoom)
9.00-9.30 Coffee time | Stand in cool air | And we’re good to go!
9.30-10.00 How to cope with meltdowns in communities, Keynote by John Coate (ROOM: PlenarySpace)
10.00-10.45 Collaborative inclusion.
How migrants-residents collaboration can produce social values. A reflexive design exercise
. With Ezio Manzini, Yara Al Adib, Gido Van Den Ende and the Syrian New Kids on the Block
unFailing Massive Collaboration: Open-Sourcing Everything by Tom Markam 
Part 1
11.00-12.30 Collaborative inclusion. Part 2 Interoperability Or Death? Talk by Meredith Patterson The pedagogy of development in the Global South, workshop by Piotr Dzialak  
/LUNCH/ Cooking together - Food team.
Collaborative inclusion. Part 3

unFailing Massive Collaboration: Open-Sourcing Everything
Part 2
Failure of Israeli - Palestinian negotiations: the peace industry and the endless peace process, discussion with Omar Shehabi  
Collaborative inclusion. Part 4 How can we dare to fail more? workshop with Daniel Kerrigan unFailing to improve the refugee care system in Armenia, talk, by Anna Kamay Failures in development in Colombia - sneak preview and talk with the director Jochem Casier
16.30-17.30 OPEN CARE FILES
Welfare through the looking glass, embarassingly sincere panel hosted by Marco Manca. With Julia Reda MEP and Lucia Scopelliti.
How can we dare to fail more? (continued) The Tyranny of Benevolence- Moving beyond charity based approaches in reception and inclusion of refugees   

Go to PlenarySpace | Share your learnings | And get ready for dinner 

Soirée Molenbeek. Dinner by Dum Tek Veg, a local catering service combining music with cooking original vegetarian recipes from the historic region of the Levant (happens in LaVallée artists co-work space, in Molenbeek). Next we’re taking a tour of Europe’s alleged capital of terrorism to discover the art and culture there going alongside with extremism and unemployment


SATURDAY 27/02 Care (Hackistan room) Democracy/ Culture (PlenarySpace) Development (BrightAndShiny room) (AddOn room/ Merab room)
9.00-9.30 Coffee time | Stand in cool air | And we’re good to go!
9.30-10.45 MASTERS OF NETWORKS: NETWORKS OF CARE hackathon for network scientists, doctors and patients to make sense of collective intelligence using network science and data The EU and its people: a failure in democracy, talk by Walter van Holst and Kirsten Fiedler Let’s build a damn dam!
workshop by Piotr Dzialak
11.00-12.30 MASTERS OF NETWORKS (continued)
Led by Guy Melançon and the University of Bordeaux
Death and the organisation - stories from beyond the grave, sharing session with Patrick Andrews Shark Infested Waters: Publicizing Failures in Development. Talk and discussion with Christine Pu  
/LUNCH/ Cooking together - Food team.
14.00-16.00 MASTERS OF NETWORKS (continued) unFailing European Capitals of Culture into platforms for participatory projects. A deeply honest conversation with individuals in the trenches: Robert Palmer, Ilaria d'Auria, Roxana Bedrule, Niall O'Hara 

(starts at 15:30) Living in a megacity: Cairo as a patchwork of individual solutions. Workshop with Hegazy Mohamed
Glocal bottlenecks in complementary currencies: with Marek Hudon, Ronald Huynen, Margaux, Tom Dutry. Followed by a SenseFiction #unFail hosted by Céline Bouton

Storytelling workshop: Narratives of Care 2016: with Angelo di Mambro
16.30-17.30 MASTERS OF NETWORKS (continued)   Living in a megacity (continued)
Glocal bottlenecks in complementary currencies (continued)

Storytelling workshop (continued)

Go to PlenarySpace | Share your learnings | And get ready for dinner

Disco Soup & Burn Your FuckUps. One rescues a large amount of not-pretty-vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away (via gleaning, supermarkets leftovers etc). One puts on loud party music. One chops the vegetables and turns them into delicious soup and salad - nothing is wasted (organised with Disco Soupe Belgique at Elzenhof beautiful space and garden, in Ixelles)
Next up: F*d some things up that you’d rather forget about? We’re making a bonfire to toss in just those! And to have gluhwein of course.


SUNDAY 28/02 LOTE5 UNCONFERENCE (PlenarySpace then spreading out)


 Destroy Your Idea - Can You Change Your Mind’ workshop with Kira Van den Ende

The long path from invention to innovation, with Lorenzo Paolozzi

The LOTE5 Pressure Cooker - a co-counselling/storytelling extravaganza for projects and people, with Thomas Goorden

...sessions to follow 

Wrap Up