Lote 5 is over, but the conversation continues! Documentation following our event is uploaded by participants here.


We in this case is all of us coming to LOTE5 - and you are very welcome to join. We think we’re pretty fly at what we do, but let’s not deny it: failure is everywhere. Projects fail to deliver, collaborations collapse, systems fail to improve, organisations fuck up, people blunder, policies fall short, and then what?  What do we actually do when we realise we're sailing the Titanic and flying the Hindenburg?

To answer this question we are building LOTE5: Fail # unFail, a four day get-together dedicated to failure and how to go beyond it.


VENUE: SmartBE Bruxelles

IS IT FREE: No, but you cannot pay with money. You pay for LOTE5 by helping out building the event. Learn more 

DO I HAVE TO BE A HACKER, AN OPEN DATA SCIENTIST OR A CRAZY EXPERT IN MY FIELD TO JOIN: Not at all. Mostly we're a happy bunch of active thinkers and doers wanting to make a difference. Anybody from any background from anywhere in the world is welcome, as long you enjoy interactions with anybody else from any other background from anywhere else in the world. Participate

Graphics credit: Many thanks to the lovely @RossellaB for designing our Lote visuals.