LOTE6: OpenCare Pop Up Village

We are already starting to work on the opencare grand community gathering. 

We will bring together a number of existing opencare projects in one place. And build a working, living demo of what they could look like when joined together. We think of it as a pop-up village for OpenCare and invite everyone who cares about the issue to join us in taking on one of the most important challenges of our time.

If nothing else it will be exciting to see what we can achieve when we choose to come together, inspire one another, and help each other. Peer to peer.

In a nutshell:

What? A participant built festival dedicated to bringing together existing opencare projects into working demo of a clinic entirely powered by open source, community driven solutions.

When and where? September 2017, exact location t.b.c. Preparation will place online before the physical gathering.

How to get involved?There are several phases of the project: From brainstorming, requirements engineering all the way to committing patches and setting up the physical space. As many of the initiatives are struggling with finances, fundraising to cover travel expenses and cost of materials for those who need it will be another area where we could use help. We will also need help with reaching out to contributors and doing some online community management. Every single contribution is welcome and very much appreciated.

For more information: Come to our weekly online community gatherings [url coming soon], drop into the shared workspace [url coming soon] or contact natalia@edgeryders.eu.

To get an idea about  what comes out of LOTE events, have a look at:

Fri, 2017-09-01 11:00