Call for Applications - opencare Maker in Residence

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The opencare Maker in Residence is the first edition of a special residency programme that provides support, assistance, resources and acceleration to Makers - from all over the world - who are interested in developing / validating / iterating an open source project in the health and care field. Makers can live and work on-site at WeMake for a period of time that may vary from minimum 2 to maximum 8 weeks, providing an opportunity for intense collaboration, creativity, and learning to improve their project.

The opencare Maker in Residence is open!

opencare maker in recidence

The Maker in Residence will also be the framework in which WeMake will cooperate with local opencare chapters like the milanese one (ping @Rune @Francesco_Maria_ZAVA ).

It will take place from April to July 2017 (dates will be scheduled according to applicants’ availability).

Why we’re doing this

Through this special edition of residency we are trying to create an active and participatory link between the online and offline collaboration. On one hand online collaboration is a great experience: you can get inspiration by reading stories, learning from all around the world experiences, finding technical documentation, forking and contributing to different projects. On the other hand, the live (aka "offline") experience (working in a makerspace / fablab) will add some other things:

  • intense physical experience: smelling the laser in the morning will push you ;)

  • humans in flesh and blood (AFK) can use different kind of communications channels (they can also make faces without using emoticons)

  • people around us can act as serendipity triggers (I.E. “Did you know that you can do this ..”)

  • having a lot of materials and tools at hand can foster your ingenuity  

  • iteration is key: discard a yesterday idea and try the today, new one

  • you’re not alone: working in your office is great, but having people around you is awesome!

  • tacit knowledge: learning from others makers (designers, artists, tinkerers...) working around you is an hidden but huge diffused competence and skills repository

  • explore different points of view about your project: There’s the s*** you know, the s*** you know you don’t know, and the s*** you don’t know you don’t know (right?).

online + offline = GREAT THINGS!


How to apply

Step 1 - go to and create a new account
Step 2 - go to Add my story and write about your project, following closely the instructions on that page.
Step 3 - follow this link and fill in the form:

More info

For more information, explanations and support with the application process: read this page or please contact:



working out loud

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we're publishing this content on the main channel (here and in the community section). 

Today we'll share with you the plan for the next communication actions using our (WeMake) communication channels and the opencare ones (read buffer + facebook page) so Edgeryders can support spreading the news!




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@Costantino nicely done! Fyi, and I hope it's ok with you, I took the liberty to slightly edit and format the post (unnecessary repetitions of the name of the program, or put hyperlinks inline etc). I also assigned the post to other opencare relevant groups where people can be notified about it. Finally, I added a direct link from the site main menu on the left. I will also include the call in the community newsletter going out tomorrow. Hope it works!


Incoming applications?

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How is it going @Costantino? Fyi I know one one new ER user registered via this call (did not post a story yet), but hopefully others filled out your form?


Ping Resolved!

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Sono estremamente lintrigato dalla possibilità che questa iniziativa possa costituire una importante opportunità di rendere concreta e percorribile quanto ideato e progettato all'interno di OpenCare.
Non nascondo che un progetto come WeHandU, così come per InPe', con questa occasione potrebbe davvero diventare uno strumento importante per le persone "portatrici" di bisogni e di idee che tutto l'arcipelago delle disabilità attende da molto tempo, per lo meno in Italia.

Rune, Alexander ed il sottoscritto, per quanto ci è consentito dalle nostre competenze oltre che dalle nostre risorse, proveremo già in occasione del prossimo Arduino-Genuino Day a tracciare una strada che porti a rendere protagoniste le persone prima dei processi manageriali, delle tecnologie e delle economie, cercando di interpretare quanto colto dall'esperienza all'interno di OpenCare, oltre che dalla connessione con la Piattaforma di Edgeryders, valorizzando inoltre le relazioni umane di WeMake e delle tante persone che incontriamo addentrandoci nel mondo dei Makers.
Per quanti arrivano dalla "tradizionale" ricerca clinica riabilitativa oppure dal "mondo dell'handicap" questo è un passaggio complesso quanto epocale che non attiene esclusivamente all'ambito culturale o professionale.

Non vedo l'ora di parlarne direttamente, in modo da capire come dare slancio, stabilità e prospettiva a questa nostra idea, magari valutando le disponibilità e le possibilità di ciascuno per tradurla in una reale operatività.

A Presto


Grazie per il tuo coinvolgimento constante!

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@Francesco Maria ZAVA sono in accordo. Hai enfattizzato precisamente il obbietivo finale (ma anche difficile, come tutti quelli che valgono la pena): "valorizzando inoltre le relazioni umane". 


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