Financial reporting for 6th quarter done

This is for @LuceChiodelliUB . We have updated the timesheet and budget tracker as per June 30th. Only thing we are missing is a workshop in Ireland, for which we expect an invoice of 2K EUR (goes into "goods and services"). 

A small favour: can you check that I have not made any mistake in extending your original file to include additional months in 2017? It seems like we decreased our spending rate, whereas my subjective impression is that we have, if anything, sped up. In particular staff costs seem to be a bit low. 

Of course, if the numbers are correct I will pay more attention to our spending rate in the last two quarters. Since we are responsible for delivering an event, we will spend quite a lot of money in the final phases of the project.



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Hello @Alberto

thanks for sharing the updated version of the tracker - i'll sure have a look by the end of this week and give you a feedback !