Hacking Health Bordeaux

Due date: 

Friday, October 21, 2016

The event is a hackathon week-end around :

  • Takes place in Bordeaux, in a building called the "Athénée municipal"
  • Starts on Friday October 21 (late afternoon) / Ends on Sunday (afternoon)


P.S. @Jason Vallet, @Alberto you need to create a sparkboard account so you can also join the HealthNet team. Follow the link to the registration page, and click "Ouvrirun compte" in the top right part of the page.

Assign to: 

Jason Vallet






I don't get it

Alberto's picture

Your link goes to Eventbrite. I already have an Eventbrite account, and already registered for this event. I don't see how to join the team, and it makes no sense you'd do this on Eventbrite, it's not groupware! 

I see that my presentation is at 14.30. 

@melancon , shall we spend some days together working on our papers after the hackathon? Like 24-26?


Eventbrite and paper after the hackathon

melancon's picture

I do not now how to deal with eventbrite, I was lead to this site when I registered ... it's not that crucial, so just ignore it.

The talk is indeed at 2:30pm

Working on the paper *after* the hackathon is much better, I do not teach on Mon, Tues, Wed.



Opencare at Hacking Health Bordeaux day 2 - work in progress

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Opencare team at Hacking Health Bordeaux