D2.3 Draft report on engaging open networks in meaningful online conversations

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Monday, December 19, 2016

I assume it will be me working on this..

@LuceChiodelliUB can you let me know when is this due? End of December or later?

Equally important, rather than text, can I make it into a collection of slides with text, so that it is more useful to the partners too? I would like to expand the presentation I did in Milano into something more detailed. An example.

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Delivery date

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Hi @Noemi ! We have to submit all deliverables for the 1st year of the project before the end of December, and I'll be leaving on holidays on the 22nd. So if it suits you as well, I would set these dates: draft ready by the 19th, to give us a little time for adjustements before submission on the 22nd.

The deliverable is meant to be a report. The term "Report" is usually coined as opposed to other categories of deliverables, such as websites / live demos / prototypes, etc. If you feel that presenting your conclusions in a keynote format would be more appropriate to demonstrate of your work, it sounds very acceptable too - most important is the quality of content anyway, and I am trustful of that  ;) 


OK for date

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@all partners: Any other input is welcome until then as to what is useful to understand about engagement. In the end, the reporting should make sense for us as much as for the evaluators!

For example, from the discussions in Milano I noted the need to understand the UDK course methodology to engage design students online. 


Happy to help

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I am happy to help with this, @Noemi .

I suggest you, @Nadia and myself have an initial call in which we flesh out the structure (Table of contents, if you wish). Then we can each take some piece. We can use the reflectiion, anyway. 


Veeery rough draft to give you an idea of a structure

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Here it is, as slides. It draws from the presentation I did in Milano, and from the brief we sent for DSI Fair. Any help would be welcome in signaling:

1) what is missing, content wise.

2) beautification of layouts, fonts etc for a deliverable that will be public and posted online for future reference.


Yah ok got this

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@LuceChiodelliUB I'm stepping in for Noemi on this till delivery. Please feel free to direct questions to me if needed.



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hi @Nadia, thanks for the notice ! I'll be reading Noemi's draft and following your contributions, we keep in touch.


My two cents

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Just went through the slides. Great work @Noemi as u...

I added a few comments and offered a few "new" images. There is time to make some more, improve them ... just ask me or @Jason Vallet, or even @bpinaud