How do you handle your data?

A common issue I have is how to design, collect and analyze quantitative data for program evaluation. I'm curious what are some best practices that people in community abide by and if others feel they would benefit from a session on it? Are there methods we could outline that would be especially helpful for smaller projects that possibly don't have a dedicated data scientist onboard? Possible key points of focus:

-How to estimate the counterfactual (what would have happened without your intervention)

-What assumptions different analytical models make and when appropriate to use them.

-Best practices for saving and sharing data (keeping with the open source nature of everything!)

Please comment with your thoughts and ideas!



More context?

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Hi @Shajara, long time! Case in question, are you trying to process data you have from Minerva's educational online platform? Other than storage (maybe @Matthias can help with references to useful platforms), what would you like to do with it, what questions do you have that you hope that specific data could answer?

Are you still in Berlin, how's it going?



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Hello @Noemi, I'm doing well and am still at Minerva. I actually just finished with my semester in Buenos Aires! This line of thought has come from both assisting on an impact evaluation of a program the Federal Youth Ministry of Argentina is starting and a course I just took on program evaluation methodologies. These experiences showed me that a lot of the times people are collecting data that fails to measure what the types of changes they want to show or don't know how to best analysis it after they have it. 

My post was less of a direct question of how to use a specific data set and more of a starting point for creating space for people to start sharing advice and create best practices around data collection and analysis. I think this could be especially relevant to small interventions, that maybe lack a dedicated data analyst.

Also, how are you and what have you been up to these last few months?


Very relevant!

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This is super-relevant, I am very interested in it. 

I have to admit I have no idea how you might do this in a rough-and-ready way. Hope to learn more from the session. 



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@Shajara, we are also very interested in this and would be excited to work together. However, we have a particular focus on how to preserve the anonyminity of participants in a given system's records to provide a layer of defense from state violence. We are designing a workshop now that explores the scalability of some of the techniques we saw from the solidarity clinics in Greece, such as identifying certain characteristics about the care seeker that the participants are aware of, etc. We'd be happy to talk more about this is there is interest!



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