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How to register as a participant

OpenVillage Festival follows a #nospectator philosophy.  Over the years Edgeryders has learned to build events as engines for building collective knowledge, exciting collaborations and new business opportunities. In exchange, participants and partner organisations are expected to contribute towards covering the costs (url to budget document):

  • Venue & equipment rental
  • Third party services (audiovisuals, tech assitance)
  • Production costs (staff time, materials for exhibition)


  1. Create an account and login to
  2. Purchase your membership card [ here]
  3. Activate your member card and join the adventure!

We also have a limited number of community fellowships for participants who make significant contributions towards building the OpenVillage.


How to Register as an Exhibitor 

To register as an exhibitor please fill in and send this form to [email address for exhibition coordinator]. Once we have recieved you submission, you will be contacted by the exhibition coordinator to finalise the details

Exhibitors are charged 250 Euros  to cover the cost of the official exhibition stands. The basic exhibitor package includes 2 meters squared of exhibition space, a wifi connection and electricity. If exhibitors wish for more space then the fee per additional meters squared is 200 Euros/ meter squared.

How to become a featured speaker 

To submit a proposal for the OpenCare Festival program we ask you to reflect on this brief and then fill in this form [add url here]]

The contents will be posted on our community workspace for building the event program. We do this in order for participants with complimentary interests to connect with one another before the event. As well as to help one other develop relevant, high-quality talks, workshops or exhibits.

Once we feel that the session is sufficiently developed, the Event Program Team will allocate a slot for it in the official festival program. If there are more session or exhibit proposals than there are slots, we will make the final selection based on the level of engagement each proposal generated in the workspace (e.g. number and quality of comments).

Confirmation about your session/exhibit at the event and proposal for allocated time, will be forthcoming within three weeks from the time of posting. 



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