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Meet people who are doing it. Learn how to do it. Build it together. 

19-20-21 OCTOBER

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The OpenVillage Festival is dedicated to dedicated to bringing together existing projects into a demo of a new health and social care system powered by open source, community driven solutions. We are interested what participants already are doing in different parts of the world, and what we can do together.

What would you like to build, explore or learn during the OpenVillage Festival?

Tell us what care-related topics/issues/challenges are relevant to you- why this question or challenge? Why now? Don't worry about whether it is "not good enough", "too nerdy" or getting it "right".  If it is interesting and important to you, chances are it will be to someone else.



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Meet great people and projects in a global network of 4000+ members

Build new relationships, opportunities and collective intelligence powered insights


Get peer & expert input, hack challenges that matter to you, together!

Support one another's personal & professional development as changemakers!




We will have three tracks, each approaching from a different angle the question of how we take care of one another as old welfare models and systems fail.

Track #1: In this track we meet their protagonists and present findings from OpenCare, a massive 2 year research project on under-the-radar projects at the intersections of open tech & science, communities and healthcare. Learn more here.

Track #2:  In this track we exploring existing financial, legal and governance models for managing community owned assets. Learn more here.

Track #3: In this track we explore strategies and models to draw more financial investment into community care ecosystems. Can we design ready-to--test prototypes to surface and align participants priorities?  Learn more here.


Meet The OpenCarers - 0€. This ticket gives you access to one track of the festival; Meet the OpenCarers. Note: It does not give you access to the rest of the OpenVillage Festival.

Full Access Pass - 300€This ticket gives you access to the entire OpenVillage Festival; all three tracks, project clinics, community dinners, parties etc.

0.00 € -  For Members of The Reef, our program for supporting members' personal and professional development as changemakers. Learn more here.

Why OpenVillage Festival, why now?

The migration issue dominates the European political debate. The influx of migrants, some people say, will break the European welfare system. Any new person coming in is reducing the amount of care that others can get. Care is a zero-sum game. Is that really the case?

It turns out that, when faced with care challenges, communities rise to meet them. By doing so, they step outside of our current paradigm, one of the provision of care services by a combination of the state and private business. This changes the game completely to one of decentralisation and reciprocity.

These services often display an uncanny degree of efficiency. So no, care provision does not need to be zero-sum. There are unexploited resources in the system.  But they cannot easily be added to our existing care system. They are too strange: ad hoc, blurry at the edges, often existing in legal grey areas. Unfundable.

To leverage their full potential requires us to build a deep understanding of what care really is. Is it services? Is it human attention and warmth? Is it trying to fix what's wrong with people in need of care? Is it accepting everybody for what they are, with their strengths and weaknesses?

On October 19-21, we explore some of the amazing care services that communities are providing - right now  - to people that the state and private business have let down. We then look at how we, as a society, would need to change for them to continue to exist and to scale where possible.


Join our Fellowship Program!

We are offering 3 fellowships and 5 full memberships for in-kind contributions to the OpenVillage.

They are set aside for participants who wish to join early in shaping the event, upskilling in community building and by taking on a number of tasks from here on until October.

If you are serious about this email us at and we'll have a skype chat to agree on the terms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is OpenVillage Festival happening in an actual village?
No. It happens in the city and we call it like this because of many reasons: because in today's world we seem to be living in a global village; because the Internet is a village; because someday we might buy a village... :-)

Who is it for?
Project protagonists, caregivers & recipients, entrepreneurs, public administrations, funders & investors. Anyone interested in matters of health, social care, resilient communities, global networks doing things together, people from the Internet and from any corner of the world. 

What is the connection between Edgeryders, OpenCare and OpenVillage?

Edgeryders is a global community running for 6 years. OpenCare is our flagship research project in 2016-2017 where we summoned people (old and new members) to discuss collaborative and open models of health and social care. We want to turn the insights and knowledge into a practical spin-off: OpenVillage. It starts with the festival this October!

Seriously now, what should I expect to find there?
Oh, where do we start? Expect to learn new things beyond buzzwords, more real conversations and less superficial "networking". Expect to meet interesting people whom otherwise you would not meet. At least not in the same space.


How to get in touch with us

  1. Come to our weekly online community gatherings. They take place on Wednesdays at 18:00 CET here.
  2. For partnership and collaboration requests, write to @Nadia.
  3. For community-related matters, write to @Noemi .



Opencare partners

The Meet The OpenCarers track of this event has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688670

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