T-shirts 4 Open Communication

The Challenge: 

The Question: 

How can we design a t-shirt and gloves to catch the sign language's hand gestures?

The Problem: 

The problem is "friend's t-shirt" must have bluetooth, webcam, microphone and arduino; to convert the captured data to texts on LED T-shirts

The Solution: 

This project is our side project, hopefully we will find a solution.


T-shirts 4 Open Communication

Main aspect of this project is to create an environment that deaf people can open up to the world through T-shirts...

More people use T-shirts, deaf people have a voice. This is also an awareness project about the isolation the deaf people. Because only friend's t-shirts can capture the sign language. (through the gloves)


T-shirts 4 Open Communication


Where did you get the idea?

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Hi @wave how’s it going? I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m Noemi one of the Edgeryders community managers. Thanks for taking so much time to read and post here on the platform, even though I’ve been traveling and couldn’t react, definitely catching interest.

So what’s your story, how did you become interested in pretty cool ideas like the T shirts?