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Further Explanation of potential Gangi project

Hi Alberto, thanks for feedback, here's my post to answer your questions:

- Potentially a great initiative! Can you say more about yourself (your profile page is empty: no name of picture or anything) and the project?

I wish to not share more info about myself at this point (except questions below). This post was just the quickest way I found to share the opportunity with this community.

- Do you live in Gangi, yourself, and are you willing to lead the initiative?

No I do not. As it looks now I will not lead this initiative. I just wanted to share this to see if there was interest from this community to take it on. Please take info & post @Edgeryders where relevant.

- How do you envision the life of people who move in? Will locals be welcoming or skeptical? Or both?

I have no idea. I do not know how the municipality has done this process. This is for the ones interested to run this initiative to discover. All the possibilities are there.




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Ok. So, you basically found this on the Internet and wanted to share it? It is still useful, and I for one am grateful you did it, but not as tempting as an offer made by someone actively involved would be.



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Yes I got an advice from a person at my education ( who thought this could be a suitable exam project. Will see in August if some of my peers have picked up on the idea and I can connect them to the Edgeryders community. :)


Did this move ahead?

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Curious. I note that there is a massive waitlist for these houses now.



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Italy is littered with depopulating and abandoned villages. There are several issues to consider e.g  distance to nearest airport and whether there are functioning transport options or whether you are stuck with a car etc.  If you are interested  there seems to be a lot happening in Portugal. I know  @vvorski and evegenia are setting up earthskylab. earth there and @Pietro has been living there for a while. There seems to be a lot of activity in the tech scene: Felix Petersen (plazes) has moved and that posh london coworking  space that I cannot rememebr the name of right now is setting up a new venture in Lisbon I think. 


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