In 2017 we're pushing the community further with The Reef and the Pop Up Village. Want to join?

Hello all!

After a bit of silence, shortly before we hear back from MacArthur Foundation, I wanted to share a few ideas we’re working on and ask about your opinion and possible participation.

First of all, this autumn/late summer we will host our annual gathering LOTE6 with a very different format, shifting towards hands-on work (even if not fully embracing it yet:)). We call it Pop Up Care Village and we want it to be a showcase of initiatives like yours. We envision it as a space to meet, present our projects to each other and wider communities (like-minded people, but also regular folks who could be your clients/funders in the future). On top of that, we will use it as an engine to crowdfund, learn how to fundraise and improve our work during hackathons with members of our community. That’s a lot of great minds with plenty of knowledge.

We’re looking for a place to host this! There's interest from Milano, Thessaloniki, Lile and other partnering cities and events. We will keep you posted. And maybe your city could help us make it happen? Ping us if so. 

Let us know if you want to be part of the village. What could you do to help us prepare and deliver a great experience, and what would you expect from it as an outcome?

At the same time, we’re dreaming of a more permanent space called The Reef. Or, more precisely, more than one space, where we will be putting our hands on building “real life” communities of care. It would be a house, a huge flat, a farm, or a former Olympic village which we can purchase collectively or lease for decades and use as a space for collaboration, experimentation and an engine of change. There is already a space in Brussels which might become the very first Reef (read more about it here). And again, we want to ask if you’d be interested in joining? What kind of contribution would you like to offer (in terms of time, skills, material, knowledge) and what kind of support would you expect from this space to generate for your work and life?

Or do you know a space that would seem like an ideal destination for us?

I’d be very grateful to hear from you about both, or any, of these calls. You can comment on The Reef/add a new thread here. And on the Pop-Up Village under this post.

Or simply write me back:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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