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Specification of The Reef and a template for fundraising and space-scouting

A template for The Reef

Fundraiser Story. Tell the story about why you're running a fundraiser. Be sure to address these three points:

  • What situation prompted you to start a fundraiser?
  • How does this situation make you feel?
  • How can people help?

Prepare a team

Additional materials:

  • a video (add a script)
  • visuals 

Suggestion list:

Write 10 to 15 different 3-sentence descriptions of your project

Prepare interesting perks (and keep on adding them to the campaign)

Get press attention (media outreach worksheet

Draft at least 10 Tweets, Facebook posts and short emails for them to share with visuals

A calendar for launching a campaign / a checklist and a plan

An event list that will help fundraising - something cool, eventful, colorful, weird 

Additionally, we should organize a separate list of in-kind contributions and alternatives for help - as it's a physical space and it most certainly will require a lot of work. 

Prepare a business plan for the space: how can we capitalize on it, besides offering a free space for people we want to support? How can we engage with people who could contribute to the operations of the space in various ways? What types of "memberships" do we offer?



As a reference, a good post

Natalia Skoczylas's picture

As a reference, a good post  by Alberto pointing out possible financing models and functionalities of such space - I think most of these ideas are at least worth considering, and would make for a perfect fit in any location. 


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