PowerPitch: A 2 day Masterclass on Storytelling for conversion, May 26-27 at The Reef, Brussels


In 2008, Augusto Pirovano and Matteo Uguzzoni started building a social startup called CriticalCity, a game of urban transformation that used a web platform and asked its players to perform creative missions. The player would pick the mission, shut down their computer, get out on the street, play the mission, collect the necessary proof of his experience and then, after returning home, publish the mission attaching photos and videos.

One year later they pitched it in front of a panel of investors and won the TechGarage awards for Best Italian Startup. They went on to win every tech startup competition in which they participated. Since then they have designed strategic presentations for top leadership at Luxottica, Vodafone, PriceWaterHouse Coopers, UniCredit, eBay, Italian Ministry for Economic Development and the Tunisian Ministry for Tourism.


Edgeryders has commissioned them to run a 2 day hands-on Masterclass to help people reach their goals with presentations that convert and move to action. The Power Pitch Masterclass is a unique opportunity to rapidly develop your storytelling skills, and take your project to the next level. It takes place on May 26-27, in Brussels at the Reef.

You will learn/ This Masterclass is about:

  • How to sell your project/idea to your audience in order to reach your personal goals
  • How to craft your message and a powerful reasoning
  • How to design your slide deck in order to support your live presentation  
  • How to study your presentation and prepare yourself for the live meeting
  • How to conquer and retain the audience attention and move it to your desired action

You will not learn:

  • How to use Powerpoint or other presentation software  
  • Advanced public-speaking skills

How to register for the Power Pitch Masterclass:  We are asking for 600 Euros per participant to help cover costs. Individuals who have pledged a minimum financial contribution of 240 Euros (= 25 Eur/ month) for one year of membership in The Reef are exempted from the fee.

  1. Create an account on Edgeryders.eu
  2. Make your financial contribution here
  3. We send you your Masterclass Ticket + Membership package

Why we think this is a good investment (and are putting our own money into it)

Edgeryders are in the business of developing and deploying new initiatives at the edge of context. Many of which come at the problem from a completely new perspective.  We need to provide opportunities for personal development to ourselves:

  • Edgeryders are already attracting attention towards community members’ individual and collective projects. Better storytelling = more engagement, investment & support in members' work.
  • We are already deriving a small income from public speaking gigs. If more members become great speakers we will will be able to accept more invitations and money.
  • The number of people approaching us about working together is growing. The process of building a new project involves of communication- it is worth our investing in becoming very good at it.

The PowerPitch is not a course about using a presentation software. It is about understanding where  the strength of your message is, identifying the audience profile and how to build an argument to produce a desired and specific outcome (be it selling a project, motivate the team, etc..)

  • It is composed of different modules: theory, exercises, examples, games and case studies
  • It starts with the anatomy of an effective presentation, so that even those who are not going to create the actual slides can understand what to ask and how to give a good brief to the operative team
  • At the beginning of the first day, participants are divided into teams of 2-3 people each and will work together building a real presentation. So at the end of the course not only they will have developed their skills but will also have designed and tested a real presentation that can be used inside the organization.
  • It is not only focused on live presentations but also on how to build an effective presentation handout (digital or printed presentation to be sent to the audience).
  • During the second day of the Masterclass each team will deliver its presentation in front of all the other participants, so they will be able to receive a feedback from the trainer and also from their peers about the clarity and the strength of their arguments and the effectiveness of their live delivery.
  • At the end of the Masterclass the participants will receive a practical and strategic guide on how to address presentation projects in the future, as well as all the exercises tools and links to audio-video resources used in the classroom.

How to register for the Power Pitch Masterclass: The masterclass is free of charge for Reef members (see below how to become one for 240 euro/year): 

  1. Create an account on Edgeryders.eu
  2. Make your financial contribution here
  3. We send you your Masterclass Ticket + Membership package

NB: If you would like to participate but cannot afford to pay the full amount right now, there are several options we can discuss. Get in touch with us via twitter @edgeryders or email community@edgeryders.eu.

Fri, 2017-05-26 to Sat, 2017-05-27, 10:00 - 21:00 +02:00 (Europe/Brussels)


Reputation preceeds you guys.

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I remember about 5 years ago when @Alberto told me he owes many of his own presentation design skills to @Augusto Pirovano ! So I'm looking forward to get a taste for it and actually learn by doing, which is the best. See you soon guys.



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