Common CAPS project in 2018

Led by Edgeryders

Donor: European Commission, DG  CNECT

Edgeryders succeeded in securing a large EU-funded research project ( under the CAPS program. A new call is out as of October 2016, with deadline April 25th 2017. We attempt to leverage Edgeryders' earlier breakthrough and relative success so far to secure a second project. 

OpenCare Research

Commons Groups: Group contributor count and topics

A group where we coordinate to deliver a research project on community-driven care services. The idea first came in the context of a LOTE4 session proposed and led by Rémy Cagnol. We wrote a proposal in February-March 2015, which got funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework programme.

From dreaming up projects to collaboration

If you remember last year’s exercise of building Edgeryders shared vision, one of the recurrent ideas was to leverage the establishment for our own projects. Well, here it is in action. EU funding applications are crazy complex, and yet we are giving this a try and setting up an infrastructure to coordinate and lower the individual effort of going through the different calls and figuring out everything by ourselves. The good news is that we’re moving forward.

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