Edgeryders is a global community of people from different walks of life. What unites us is that we have decided to take personal action against the societal, environmental and economic challenges humanity is facing. Most of us have no access to the resources available to governments, corporations and large NGOs, so we tackle these challenges with what we have: ourselves, our own bodies and minds. Many of us are out to innovate, but not in the sense of making new gadgets. We aspire to a deep societal fix, for tackling the fundamental problems of expanding individual freedom, establishing a fair social deal, crafting an environmentally sustainable society.

We are trying out all sorts of cutting-edge innovation: open source software, eco-friendly communities, non-transactional economies, protest movements, urban agriculture, nomadic lifestyles, mutual emotional support in the face of a tough environment, sharing economies, you name it. Some of the smartest, most generous people you will ever meet showed up on Edgeryders, apparently out of nowhere. Most of us are not wealthy; some are struggling. Everyone finds the time to compare notes, share what we know, and help each other.

Edgeryders started out as a project by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. Upon termination, the community spun it off and built itself a new home on the web. A social enterprise, Edgeryders LBG, has been created to maintain and support the community's infrastructure. 

It this sounds interesting, you are more than welcome to join our community. If you want to learn more about the enterprise, click here.

We acknowledge the role of the Council of Europe's Social Cohesion Research and Early Warning division in creating the original project, and are grateful to its management and staff for the positive role they played in bringing us together. However, this new Edgeryders webhome is built and funded by its community, and has no formal relationship with the Council of Europe.