Knowledge Collection

نزل فلوكة [Learning] (1)
Commons Fest in Greece this weekend [Networks and Allies] (1)
Edgeryders from Belarus: About myself, Masha Cheriakova [Social Innovation] (1)
Podcast on the "Youth Crisis" now online [Political Innovation] (1)
Augmented ethnography: participant observation to write the Transition Handbook [Making Sense] (1)
Festivalism [Commons & Sharing] (1)
Real Social [The Internet] (1)
Distributed Semantic Web [The Internet] (1)
The Underdog is testing the system [People & Projects] (1)
S->R (Università di Cagliari (IT) [Practical Resilience] (1)
How to improve edgeryders [Open Government Data] (1)
Les defis de la petite entreprise internationale. Langage de management et compétences interculturelles [Making a Living] (1)
Global opengov connectivity [Open Government Data] (1)
Very short video: the Factory [Living Together] (1)
Edgeryders together to express our concerns, hopes and aspirations [Commons & Sharing] (1)
Kastanie 85 house project, Berlin [Commons & Sharing] (1)
How to build a revenue stream to support your activities: A P2P course [Making Projects Happen] (1)
Welcome, Creating Smiles! [People & Projects] (1)
Let rise and rebuild nation [Practical Resilience] (1)
Fear: Conquer it or Convince it, Grow out of it [Practical Resilience] (1)
Welcome Women Lead [People & Projects] (1)
Ethiocracy: Love, land and peace [Care Stories] (4)
Article: 3D Printing Helps Husband Seek Treatment for Wife’s Brain Tumor [DIY Life Sciences] (1)
Digital and Health: Lessons from annual seminar of the Belgian Platform for International Health [DIY Life Sciences] (1)
Test project post [DIY Life Sciences] (1)
From eye to mouse [DIY Life Sciences] (1)
From Eye to Mouse [DIY Life Sciences] (1)
Faircap [DIY Life Sciences] (1)
U-GO: Home automation [DIY Life Sciences] (1)
Breast Cancer Recognizer [DIY Life Sciences] (1)