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PLAN.T.E. - projet contre la desertification à Medenine (12)
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نبراس- Nebras: a biohacking space ( 2 ) (22)
Greetings from Berlin! Excited to be joining you soon! (5)
OpenVillage House Sidi Kaouki Manual (8)
The new Reef Brussels: shifting gear (12)
On living together, doing the dishes and Dunbar-ish numbers: the Sidi Kaouki chronicles (16)
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January in the OpenVillageHouse Sidi Kaouki (7)
Moving in to OpenVillage House Sidi Kaouki (15)
Our Pharmacy (4)
Sculpture is my drugs (1)
Sidi Kaouki Local initiative meeting documentation (7)
Greetings from Cairo (4)
Calling Kaouki (6)
ProActive Youth (3)
Spawning The Reef Brussels: Re-inventing communal working and living (again) (1)
كيف اتفاعل معكم (7)
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From Costa Rica to MENA (2)
Ezelab: A stepping stone for Mansoura's first Fabrication Lab (5)
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OpenVillage workshop in Lebanon (3)
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