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bonjour (9)
Almost 3 months in Sidi Kaouki's house (7)
Ourghema, first coworking space in Medenine, Tunisia (2)
Egyptian Reef, Part 2 (Imagination): Ideas for potential places ( 2 ) (23)
2 days at the Open Village: my journey between Sidi Kaouiki and Essaouira (Morocco 2018) (12)
Hi edgeryders ! Can't wait to join you ! :) (7)
Qus Baladna Cinema Club (6)
BitCut project wiki (7)
An OpenVillage Food Culture: Sidi Kaouki ( 2 ) (25)
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Project in Lisbon I wish to share : NÃM @NAM.UrbanMushroomFarming (3)
Trash into Toys in Sidi Kaouki (17)
On the emerging science of cities, and what it means for Edgeryders settlements (15)
February in the OpenVillage House Sidi Kaouki (9)
On Bureaucracy, Boarders, Travelling, and my Egyptian passport (9)
#open village - bitcut - House Sidi Kaouki (6)
OpenVillage House Kathmandu (Twisted Turns) (17)
New ideas for the Villages (12)
Bitcut: Open source furniture platform - منصة لإنتاج أثاث مفتوح المصدر (14)
Working with the children of Sidi Kaouki (12)
Biologist Activist (8)
A fabric laboratory truck in Morocco for Gambiologists and CitizenScientists ( 2 ) (28)
An update on the OpenVillage, fellowships etc (9)
I want to come to the residency in Kaouiki and make beautiful wooden / light / surfboards using mainly hand tools and materials that grows locally or that are easy to find in Morocco. (16)
Sidi Kaouki and Upper Egypt (15)
pas vers le rêve (9)