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enspiral vs ouishare vs edgeryders

Each of these three organizations is a decentralied group of people working for a society based on sharing, transparency, and open governance.

Can anyone explain why you have not simply joined one of these other two?


brian russell





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Hi @brinerustle , I'm Noemi and have been around for some time. 

My quick answer, from the top of my mind (apologies, I'm traveling): I like both OuiShare and Enspiral, my best guess is looking at the differentiation factors in the models - I see Ouishare being more entrepreneurship driven, Enspiral more governance driven, and Edgeryders more research driven. Our model could be even a function of some key people's passions :) You can't make a data scientist run massive global events etc. People may want to do things and create outlets for that if the outlets are not there already.

Obviously there's a lot of alignment and in fact we cross paths, speaking and participating at each other's events.. also the global network base has overlaps. Which is great, it means people are learning from each other and carrying learnings. I don't see any problem, it happens in many fields.

Some community members also explored the issue of interoperability in some depth, but never got to somewhere actionable. Can't seem to find the link right now..

You also might want to travel back in time as an exercise and see how people in the current organisation and larger network dreamed up edgeryders in its earlier days.


Different priorities, cultures and tools

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Hi and welcome Brian.

A couple of years ago I attempted to get a discussion about more collaboration going at ouisharefest. While it was initially met with some postive feedback, nothing came out of it. I suppose there are many possible explanations for why but these are my own:

Priorities. Loomio is tech-focused, ouishare is focused on one theme and the focus is their big annual event a.f.a.i.k. Edgeryders is  focused on what the individual wishes to do, rather than the tools with which to do it, or how it is (if at all) related to any particular topic/theme/objective etc. 

Rules of engagement and how things get done: Edgeryders strives to be a do-ocracy and "who does the work, calls the shots" etc. This is different from a consensus-based decision making culture where it is important that everyone is "heard". 

Tools. E.g. The last time I checked Ouishare was largely facebook-based,  whereas this is the Edgeryders ethos on the matter. Loomio develops and uses it's home grown tools for deliberation and decision making. Edgerydere develops and uses it's own tools for collective intelligence (using ethnography and network analysis). Perhaps we may end up using some of their tools, but once a culture within a community (including use of tools) is set, it's very costly to change...


What are the advantages?

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Welcome, @brinerustle !

Well, as you say there is a decentralist streak in all of these people, so non-merging is the default state. What advantage do you see in merging? 


Avoiding a monoculture

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I like Alberto's response. I don't know Ouishare well but know the other two. I don't see any advantage to Edgeryders joining a group based in New Zealand (Enspiral). Sure, there are plenty of overlaps in culture, but Enspiral is quite homogenous (IT people working for themselves) and I don't know how Edgeryders would fit in - it has broader aims and methods. Also, for Edgeryders to merge with Enspiral, it would probably need to accept the primacy of the Enspiral Foundation - why would it do that?. Maybe in years to come when there are, say, 50 or more open, networked, purposeful communities like this and they are operating on a larger scale, we will see increasing mergers as best practice from each is drawn out and spread and it gets easier for the cultures to blend. But for now I think there is still huge value in different players pursuing different strategies and tactics to make the world a better place. There is more than enough room for several "players" in the market for now.


good answers

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Thanks for the answers. I wasn't trying to imply that there was something wrong with doing your own thing at edgeryders, more just wondering what the difference was.


Real question

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Mine was not a rhetorical question. Maybe there are some advantages to merging I do not see – and in that case I would very much like to learn about them!

My theory of collaboration is this: collaboration always needs to have an immediate, achievable goal. You do not come together just to present a common front: you come together because there is something you want to build, and you think you can do it faster and better together. So, whenever we propose a collaboration to someone, it s always oriented: let's build X. 

So, what could we do with these orgs? 


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