Joining our community means collaborating with, inspiring and learning from a diverse group of engaged people from every corner of the globe

Our philosophy is that the collective intelligence of any community is more powerful than its individuals alone. We are dedicated to tapping into this power to fuel initiatives and projects that make a difference. Join us to become part of the solution.

Our agenda is to foster active learning and shared reflection between community members. This is why we have designed Edgeryders as a #nospectators space - what you get out of it depends on what you contribute:

  • Be generous with your thoughtful comments to help others develop their thinking. Doing this will result in others doing the same for you.
  • Share opportunities for people to learn and do meaningful work together and others will invite you into their contexts and networks.
  • Participate with the humility of knowing you can be wrong and you will make space for people to surprise you with new knowledge, and unexpected perspectives.

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