Edgeryders projects are self-sustaining and contribute to the common good. Self-sustaining projects create value, financial and otherwise, to compensate those who contribute and thus allow them to continue to do so. Contact us if you wish to start a new project.

Some of our projects:

OpenCare | Non zero-sum provision of health- & social care

The migration issue dominates the European political debate. The influx of migrants, some people say, will break the European welfare system. Any new person coming in is reducing the amount of care that others can get. Care is a zero-sum game- Is that really the case? OpenCare says no and  leverages collective intelligence to build better models for health and social care. 

Edgesense and OpenEthnographer | Making sense of large scale online conversations

We have developed our Open Ethnographer software and were heavily involved in the development of Edgesense to help us go through thousands of conversations and identify patterns. These technologies are now used in most Edgeryders projects.

The Culture Squad | How can we leverage culture to foster civic innovation? 

We find and nurture citizen-led innovation initiatives and connect them with peers all over Europe and the world – often in the context of the European Capital of Culture. We already advised Matera (Italy), Galway (Ireland), Bucharest (Romania). The first two went on to win the title for 2019, respectively 2020; the third was shortlisted for 2021. 

unMonastery | A place-based social innovation

The unMonastery is aimed at addressing the interlinked needs of empty space, unemployment and depleting social services by embedding committed, skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from their presence.

An unMonastery prototype was developed in the city of Matera, Italy, as a collaboration between the City Hall and Edgeryders. 

LOTE | Project development- and Social Impact Club 

"Creating this community of people who are trying to do things way outside the system of normal things is really important piece of work"

In LOTE Experts build better projects by engaging with more people. Organisations participate in risk and reward.

Using the Future | Foresight powered by collective intelligence

Using The Future is an introduction to anticipatory systems. It is powered by collective intelligence and learning by doing. It allows everyone to develop their futures skills.






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