image The United Nations Development Programme carried out a large, global survey on their post-2015 development goals. It was quite clear what people wanted, but not how to get there, and who was already working towards that goal and could be enlisted as an ally. Using online conversations, ethnographic methods and network analysis, Edgeryders was able to identify and engage changemakers shaping the future, had been flying below the radar in sample countries: Armenia, Belarus, Egypt and Georgia. Learn more 
Edgeryders helps national and local governments to leverage civic innovation – on a global scale. We find and nurture citizen-led innovation initiatives and connect them with their peers all over Europe and the world – often in the context of cities running for European Capital of Culture. We already advised Matera (Italy), Galway (Ireland) and Bucharest (Romania). The first two went on to win the titles for 2019 and 2020 respectively; the third were shortlisted for 2021 and is still in the race. Learn more image
image UNESCO – in a partnership with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and supported by the Rockefeller Foundation – organised KnowLab, a knowledge lab to evaluate and improve the use of foresight in addressing societal challenges. Edgeryders was asked to help in designing, delivering and communicating KnowLab and its results. Learn more
The Council of Europe was asked by the European Commission to propose reforms on European youth policy. Edgeryders mobilised over one thousand Europeans to address the issue, and they reframed it completely ("we don't think those are the right questions to ask"). Learn more   image