What makes us a social enterprise (and proud of it)

image We work for the common good, and will not accept business if we think that the ultimate effect of what we do is going to be detrimental for society at large.
We employ members of our community – typically, brilliant misfits whom your average Human Resources department will never ever hire, and who would probably not want to work for you anyway. image
Gazbee square.jpeg We share our corporate infrastructure. Anyone is encouraged to use Edgeryders as a "wrapper" for his or her project, as long as its values are consistent with our own and there is mutual trust on the ability to deliver. This is how the unMonastery got started. 
We don't distribute profit. We are incorporated in the United Kingdom as a not for profit limited by guarantee company. Our statute dictates that any profit needs to be reinvested in the service of the community. image