On October 19-21, 2017  Edgeryders will open the doors to the OpenVillage, a participant-built festival dedicated to bringing together existing projects into a demo of a new health and social care system powered by open source, community driven solutions. This gathering offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for participants to meet, learn and shape the future with peers doing inspiring work around the globe:

  • Participate in community care-related talks, debates, workshops & business development
  • Explore new technologies, methodologies & collaboration opportunities in community care
  • Join a new opportunity to purchase community property for affordable living & working
  • Discover innovative new products and services in the exhibition.

Who is it for? OpenCare project protagonists, Caregivers & recipients, researchers, local entrepreneurs, administrations, funders & ethical investors

What’s in it for you: New contacts, opportunities and deep understanding. Access to our Fellowship Program. A stake in an ambitious new venture: community property for permanently affordable living and working together.

Practical information about the event:


Similar to previous community events we're organising OpenVillage around tracks which represent different perspectives and angles by which to approach and build upon the overall concept of OpenCare:

  • MEET THE OPENCARERS. Learning from the protagonists and projects in the existing opencare ecosystem. Presenting findings from the opencare massive two year research project. 
  • BUILDING THE REEF: A COMMUNITY PROPERTY FOR EVERYONE. How do we acquire and manage collective property for permanent affordable living and working? Exploring existing financial, legal and governance models/ cases.   
  • THE FUTURE OF CARE: AN INVESTMENT AND POLICY LAB. How do we make it attractive to finance community ecosystems and what enabling infrastructures already exist that we can learn from? Implications for participants, investors and policy makers.

We build the Program collaboratively. Which track is for you? It might be obvious, or you might be unsure, don't let this hold you back. If you have a session you want to bring to the event, start by registering. Don't worry about the format, we're flexible: it can be a demo, a talk, a workshop, a tour etc.  

If you are still unsure or thinking of ways to transform all this knowledge into action points and concrete steps forward for you and the community, don't hesitate: upload your own reflections in the coordination group. Let's keep working!


OpenVillage Festival follows a #nospectator philosophy. Over the years Edgeryders has learned to build events as engines for building collective knowledge, exciting collaborations and new business opportunities. In exchange, participants and partner organisations are expected to contribute towards covering the costs: venue & equipment rental, materials for exhibition, third party services (audiovisuals, tech assistance), and most of all, production costs related to staff time.


A. MEET THE OPENCARERS: entry to this track is free of monetary charge. To get a ticket please follow the instructions here.

B. FULL MEMBERSHIP: access to the entire OpenVillage Festival requires that you acquire a membership card. More than an event participant, you become a founding member of The Reef, an active shaper of the upcoming Edgeryders community property. The card unlocks a number of benefits for you throughout April 2017 - May 2018.  To acquire it, follow the instructions here (link!)

Number of passes is limited to 50, so hurry!

We are offering 5 full membership passes for in-kind contributions to the OpenVillage. They are set aside for participants who wish to join early in shaping the event, upskilling in community building and by taking on a number of tasks from here on until October. If you are serious about this email us at and we'll have a skype chat to agree on the terms. 


How to Register as an Exhibitor 

To register as an exhibitor please fill in and send this form to [email address for exhibition coordinator]. Once we have recieved you submission, you will be contacted by the exhibition coordinator to finalise the details.

The basic exhibitor package includes 2 meters squared of exhibition space, a wifi connection and electricity. If exhibitors wish for more space, then the fee per additional meters squared is 200 Euros/ meter squared.

How to become a featured speaker 

To submit a proposal for the OpenCare Festival program we ask you to reflect on this brief and then submit a story/ description.

The story will get promoted on our community channels and among confirmed speakers and registered participants. We do this in order for people with complimentary interests to connect with one another before the event. As well as to help one other develop relevant, high-quality talks, workshops or exhibits.

Once we feel that the session is sufficiently developed, the Team of  Curators will allocate a slot for it in the official festival program. If there are more sessions or exhibit proposals than there are slots, we will make the final selection based on the level of engagement each proposal generated (e.g. number and quality of comments).

Confirmation about your session/exhibit at the event and proposal for allocated time, will be forthcoming within three weeks from the time of posting. 

We also have a limited number of community fellowships for track curators and partnership builders towards building the OpenVillage.

Membership for The Reef: new community property

The OpenVillage Festival kickstarts the new Edgeryders working and living together prototype! It is a tolerant, safe space to nurture p2p collaboration and trade across cultural, geographic and disciplinary borders. It covers:

  • Online platform and tools
  • Co-housing & co-working space
  • Community building & management
  • Personal and Professional development
  • Administrative, Financial and legal services
  • Business, project development and sales support 

By becoming a Founding Member, you will help us acquire and maintain the resources provided to the Edgeryders network and all event participants

A good membership model ensures that we are economically sustainable. It supports diversity and experimentation. Rather than wait till everything is perfect we are launching a basic membership scheme in April 2017 to cover a one year prototype. This will give everyone who is interested in exploring creative new ways of living and working in the future a low-risk opportunity to do so. While learning and having fun with inspiring people from around the globe :)

Purchase a full membership for the OpenVillage Festival [add link here]
Participate in the ongoing discussion about memberships!

Why we do this

How we work and how we live are intimately tied. The Edgeryders intention has always been to reinvent work making it more communal, more productive and less alienating. Through trial and error in our own personal and professional lives, we have figured out how to do it in practice. Our next step is to secure permanently affordable spaces to support these new forms of communal living and working. We are building a model to collectively purchase real estate without going through the banks. OpenVillage is how we use our collective intelligence to get a fast, cheap, prototype off the ground.

On October date 2017, Edgeryders will open the doors of our first OpenVillage in Brussels. This gathering offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for participants to meet, learn and shape the future with peers doing inspiring work around the globe. The number of participants is limited to 70 founding members, the format curated to encourage discovery and deep conversation in an inspiring environment.

How you can support or partner with the initiative: We have a quick informal chat to find a match between your interests and what is needed to make OpenVillage a success. If you wish to make a financial contribution, you can do so on our crowdfunding page [add URL]

For more information: Come to our weekly online community gatherings on Wednesdays at 18:00 CET here or contact

Coordinate and discuss with others

Our OpenVillage conversation group here on edgeryders is where we work out loud, post tasks that can be taken up by participants, or add updates. Feel free to use it to co-work, ask questions, or simply get up to speed.


Is OpenVillage Festival happening in an actual village? No. It happens in the city and we call it like this because of many reasons: because in today's world we seem to be living in a global village; because the Internet is a village; because someday we might buy a village.. :-)

Who is it for? Project protagonists, caregivers & recipients, entrepreneurs, public administrations, funders & investors. Anyone interested in matters of health, social care, resilient communities, global networks doing things together, people from the Internet and from any corner of the world. Go figure.

What is the connection between Edgeryders, OpenCare and OpenVillage? Edgeryders is a global community running for 6 years. OpenCare is our flagship research project in 2016-2017 where we summoned people (old and new members) to discuss collaborative and open models of health and social care. We want to turn the insights and knowledge into a practical spin-off: OpenVillage. It starts with the festival this October!

Seriously now, what should I expect to find there? Oh, where do we start? Expect to learn new things beyond buzzy words, mainly from more real conversations and less conference networking. Expect to meet interesting people whom otherwise you would not meet. At least not in the same space.

Still in doubt?Contribute a question or answer to this list by adding it in this wiki.

Get in touch

Jump on board of the weekly community calls, every Wednesday at 18:00 CET here.

For partnerships and other opportunities, write to @Nadia . For community related matters, write to @Noemi .


Opencare partners

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688670

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