Organisational Capacity

Edgeryders currently has the capacity to deliver smaller scale versions of this project, evidenced by its current role in coordinating the Opencare project. Assets include:

To run this project, we would increase our capacity, in particular by adding:

  • governance; One senior level and one mid-level person to provide assurance that the overall aims of the project are being achieved;   

  • operations; one senior level person responsible for matching initiatives with an appropriate learning environment (many will be available through WHIS's network).

  • connectivity:

    • three mid-level people to help stimulate and manage the community;

    • two evaluators to monitor activities in the individual initiatives; and

    • establish a partnership with the Ethereum ecosystem (this is a decentralised platform that runs “smart” contracts). This will help us set up a minimal, but fast, contract-based admin.




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