Consortium meeting in Bordeaux

The next consortium meeting is to be held in Bordeaux during the last week of June. We'll update this wiki with the relevant information (dates, location, agenda, useful information).

Dates, location

Last week of June 2017: so far, we have booked a venue for the 26th of June afternoon to the 28th evening.
Please let us know whether you may be available for these dates. We may also switch the dates from the 27th to the 30th, if necessary.

The meeting will be held within the premises of our lab, the LaBRI on the University of Bordeaux campus.
Exact address:  LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux, 351 cours de la Libération, 33405 Talence (see location on Google Maps here)

Useful info on accommodation and transportation here.


Proposal of an agenda:

The team working with Guy in Bordeaux will contribute to Masters of Network along with the opencare team, while co-design sessions might also appeal to researchers working in Bordeaux on Human-Computer interface / fablab builders (we think it could be great if Costantino, Zoe and Rossana could hold a presentation on the methodology to this occasion to external participants to the project).

Day 1: June 26th

Morning: arrival of all partners in Bordeaux

14:00 - 18:00 : Meeting of the Steering Committee
- Open Village 
- Final event in Milan
- Publications?
- State of progress for year 2
- Ethics assessment & update of the DMP

Evening: dinner together on the banks of the Garonne river (surprise)

Day 2: June 27th (9:30 - 18:00)

Day dedicated to activity related to Masters of Network

Evening: consortium dinner in the old city.

Day 3: June 28th (9:30 - 18:00)

Day dedicated to activity related to showcase the openrampette project in Milan + the work behind the improve integration post (@Costantino and @Lakomaa and @Matteo and @Rossana Torri).

Presentation by our colleague Ms. Anke Brock (to be confirmed) on how she carries out her research work
Presentation by our colleague Mr. Gayo Diallo (to be confirmed)

+ The University of Bordeaux hosts a series of symposiums and conferences on health and innovation. On June 28th, an innovation day is planned on the future of health and care:;jsessionid=pWmE4cd9g5S-4OAWk6ZfBIeT.gl1?pg2=674735&pg=914975
We've been asked to attend the round-table in the afternoon and participation to the showcase.


In addition to activities related to the consortium meeting, we are planning to set up an artistic installation in relation with opencare, and more in detail with network visualization, as developed by Guy, Bruno and Jason. We'll keep you posted dring the course of events.

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Co-design what?

Noemi's picture

I guess I missed the background discussion for this.. anyway great setup @LuceChiodelliUB & co. Sorry you missed us in Geneva. Looking forward to June!


I suggest proposal 2

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One-day sessions, with everyone also going to the session they are not directly involved in. Interdisciplinarity etc.



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Hi @LuceChiodelliUB it's almost time to book travel tickets - can you tell me if 26-28 June are the final dates for the meeting? Anything happening on the 29th?


agenda being finalised

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Hi @Noemi, @melancon and I are still making the final arrangements for the meeting in Bordeaux, but I hope to post more info and to confirm you the schedule this week.


26 - 28

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Those dates work for me.



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I will be there.



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ok for me


June 28 a place to interact with local academics

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This comment is just to says a few words on the spirit of the June 28 day.

I thought we could take advantage of being on the campus to interact with academics working on ideas and tools that may serve the same social need than many projects hosted by opencare, and in particular those run by opencare partners, of which the openrampette @Costantino project is a typical example. Our colleague Anke Brock works on developing various devices and approahces in educational and learning context (go have a look at her page). She not only focuses on th device themselves but also on the design process. Her work with visually impaired people probably is close to what @markomanka has been doing.

So the idea is to have opencare partners people present their work and put it in perspective with more academic approaches developed locally at LaBRI/Inria. Conversely, it could be a good place for academics to grasp a social context in which their work could find early adopters, and why not help them to foresee an economical setting different from the one usually put foward by the institution ("à la startup"). Erik @Lakomaa ot @Tino_Sanandaji could say a word or two on these aspects as well.

Please react so we can tune the program and turn this into a useful and successfull event.


I'm in

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Have already been in touch with Antoine.


works for me

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Looks good