Meetings with Milanese Community - March 12th, 2016 - Dancing with Open Care!

Hi everybody,

Next Saturday the first meeting with the Milanese community will take place. Comune di Milano and WeMake, in collaboration with the association "Mare Urbano Milano" have organized a "liscio" dancing afternoon to present the project to a vivacious community of elderly dancers. 

more update soon...







Photos or it didn't happen :))

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Kidding aside. Very curious how you are structuring this event, what communication materials you have sent to whom and then what people actually say/do during the event.

The reason being that if we can learn from one another, then we can help others maybe do the same workshops/event where they are based....


Hi Nadia,

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Hi Nadia,

we will update you after the event! We have sent the promotional flyer (the one at the beginning of the post) to all the places heavily visited by elderly people.

For next events, we will use the same strategy with the other social groups: families, immigrants etc.


Great promotional gif

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Loved it and added it to our visual repository in the google drive.




Liscio Ambrosiano with Claudio Merli

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Claudio will be our rockstar!!

Innovation for everybody

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I'm glad to share with you this two short videos that, in my view, express the essence of Open Care. Innovation for everybody.

Some nice stuff to share with you soon!