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OpenCare's vision is to deploy collective intelligence to the problem of designing care services by communities, for communities. This mean blurring the distinction between researchers, designers, caregivers and care receivers.  

Consistently with this vision, the OpenCare consortium has decided to make its own meetings open for anyone interested to participate. The ethos is "one day of talking, one day of doing": for every day spent on administration issues, we are setting aside another day to do hands-on stuff like design workshops, network data analysis, or hardware hacking, with doors thrown wide open. Additionally, we intend to use our meetings to partner up with, and contribute to, events organised by existing communities already working on care, collective intelligence, open source hardware and software hacking. We are aware that this marks a clean break with the tradition of closed-doors consortium meetings in European-funded research, even for projects that publish their results with open licenses, and that we are venturing in uncharted territory. But then again, that's why they call it "research".


  • Brussels, 25-27 February 2016, hosted by Edgeryders. In partnership with Living On The Edge 5
  • Stockholm, 20-21 June 2016, hosted by EFHH.
  • Milan, November 2016, hosted by WeMake.
  • February 2017, CERN, Geneva, hosted by ScImpulse.
  • June 2017, Bordeaux, hosted by the University of Bordeaux.
  • October 2017, Milan, hosted by the City of Milan.
  • 19-21 October 2017, Brussels - MEET THE OPENCARERS at OpenVillage Festival, hosted by Edgeryders

The OpenCare consortium welcomes partnership proposals. Get in touch if you want to partner up with our events, host your own or simply come along.

Other project resources are available here.