OpenCare Outreach Events | Meeting with migrant community, 17 March 2016, Milan - 7.30 pm #LocalActivity

Tomorrow the second meeting with the Milanese community will take place. Comune di Milano and WeMake, in collaboration with the association "Villa Pallavicini" have organized a presentation of OpenCare to engage a local migrant community.  

Villa Pallavicini

Thursday 17 march - 7.30 pm
Villa Pallavicini

Via Meucci 3



Anyone to contact for sharing a story?

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Hi @Cristina Martellosio, looking at the Challenges active now in Open Care to discover inspiring stories I wonder if there are people/ cases that you learned about during the Milan events (this one and others)? Maybe someone who was especially interested in joining Open Care could be invited here or interviewed? If it's in Italian rather than English, it's also fine.

I'm thinking it would be helpful to get a sense of how people you engage are responding and what we can offer as a community.