opencare playbook 1.0

It's a great pleasure to announce you all the opencare playbook version 1.0

You can read the full book in your browser at this page: download available as a PDF or ePub 


The book has been built on top of the gitbook service. GitBook is both an online platform for writing and hosting documentation, and an open source book format and toolchain. It allows you to publish different versions. On GitBook, a version can either be a branch, a tag, a version or an update. The playbook on gitbook can be also commented. 

Next step: the playbook will be provided through traditional channels and social networks to promote the replicability and its development.

Why we talk about version 1.0? 
Because it is a work in progress deliverable, that will be enriched with more examples and contents during the development of the project. It's organized in such a way so that everyone can start from here to replicate changing process of opencare project.

opencare Playbook also known as "Co-designing care services: a practical guide" is a little contribute for all innovators who wants to start to make a change in their community.

The Playbook describes a general path for starting collaborative processes that you can adapt as needed.

The playbook is related to engagement processes (local and online), co-design sessions, prototyping and sharing documentation as parts of the entire process.


  • Local and online engagement as the citizenship involvement on specific issue (in this case: care)
  • Co-design as the collective detection of troubles and solutions
  • Prototyping as a the making of a service or a device from a concept
  • Sharing documentation to facilitate replicability of processes and results

The Playbook is a collection of notes, tools, tips and tricks about the project. It is a work in progress and it's organized in such a way so that everyone can start from here to replicate changing process of opencare project.

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Thanks all!

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It was a great experience and challenge! I hope this playbook will really support who wants to join in this amazing collaborative and participatory  world! 

Really thanks to all the staff :) 

Have a nice day! 

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