#prototype01: preliminary development plan

Hello all,

In this post you will find a first draft of the development plan for the first #opencare prototype.
Here is a brief description of the selected project:
The Question: Helping a care taker monitor an elderly
The Problem: What if an elderly fell down while they were alone
The Solution: A wearable that can alarm/call others who can help the elderly

More info on the challenge can be found here https://edgeryders.eu/en/how-do-you-give-and-recieve-care

Here is the preliminary development plan:
> research and analysis of similar existing project
> research around technologies that could work for the prototype
> definition of the technology that will be used for prototype development, according to:
- prototype features
- portability
- cost
- availability
- reproducibility
- forkability
- openness
> testing technology to meet prototype needs
> assembling electronics and writing software for:
- fall detection
- pulse sensing
- GSM communication
- third parties services integration
> test 1st prototype
> iterate 1st prototype
> fine tuning of software
> case design
- analysis of similar existing projects
- research on materials and fabrication techniques
- definition of material(s) and fabrication technique(s)
> case fabrication
> test 1st case prototype
> iterate 1st case prototype
> test 2nd case prototype
> iterate 2nd case prototype

More updates coming soon!