OPENCARE: what happened in Year 1

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OPENCARE started in early 2016 with three objectives in mind.

The first: explore the potential of communities to design and deliver care services. Citizen experts and patient innovators were coming up with exciting new products and services for care. What was going on?

News about our OpenandChange application and how we win anyway!

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Earlier this week we received this message:


Context: in October, 24 projects led by formal and informal groups have signed a partnership and submitted a proposal to 100andChange competition. We proposed a massively collaborative way of fixing health and social care, and in the process we taught ourselves to collaborate online with low costs (most partners haven’t met each other in real life!).

RSVP to an online chat about OpenCare PopUp Village event in 2017

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An informal, light, full-of-ideas call to catch up and plan for next year.

Ideas for the community event are being collected here. The possible event locations mentioned so far are Thessaloniki (GR), Lille (FR), Birmingham (UK) Milano (IT), Yerevan (AR). 

LATEST: Fill in the doodle if you would like to join:

Sat, 2016-12-10 to Sun, 2016-12-18, 18:00 - 20:00 +01:00 (Europe/Brussels)

[Slides Presentation] Methods and tools for OpenCare community engagement

A presentation by Edgeryders for OpenCare partners and communities in Milano.

It is intended to share key ways in which we approach community building and some methods for engagement. I include less info about communication activities per se because most of our communication is included in engagement activities.




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