Living and Working Well Together

Living and Working Well Together 

#OpenVillage Festival theme

What are the commonalities of community spaces which provide care to their members? "You have to like the people. Each one of them.  And if that's hard to do, you have to keep trying to find enough likeable things about them (and they to you) until you gather up enough to make the relationship enjoyale.  And that goes for each person."

Architectures of Love: Creating the conditions for open care

Architectures of Love: Creating the conditions for open care

An #OpenVillage Theme

With so much attention and time going into health and social care ‘informing or influencing policy’ across the EU - how can we better understand this dynamic so that these do not fall down at implementation stage? And as importantly - how can this be done in ways that are in keeping with the real intentions of the policy rather than follow the ‘letter of the law’ rather than enacting the spirit in which it was made?


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