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My name is Alina and I am originally from Bucharest. I am currently studying Leisure Management in the Netherlands, and next year I will start my specialisation in creative industries and social innovation. Last year I did a 7 months internship at Artconnect, which is a start-up that aims to empower artists' career in Berlin, by bringing the art scene of Berlin together in an open and transparent online network. This internship got me very interested in community management and in the way individuals can become more powerful as an entity in fostering social change and innovation. This is also what brought me here, on Edgeryders. Ever since I decided to go and study abroad, right after highschool, I thought that I would like to come back to Bucharest and try to do something here, because I think the city is fun and that it has a lot of potential. Also, I find it challenging and exciting to try and create something here. This is also the reason why I am very interested in Bucharest's bidding to become european cultural capital 2021, and especially in the way a community like edgeryders could contribute to drive innovation and to contribute to the overall strategy.

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