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I, Bharath Nataraj, the Founder of GofCMs and a visionary for creating a better future by working in the now. I have seen, and lived in difficult situations throughout my life. As a young child I did not think I would grow to the stage where I am now. There was a moment in my life where I started to imagine I CAN, but only with the help of great Friendship, Love, Inspiration and Care. Now I have graduated with a Masters Degree in Development Studies, specialized in Local Development Strategies from ISS, The Hague-Netherlands. I have worked with people from different backgrounds starting from Young changemakers in India, Young professional students from different nations at the University and in International organizations in The Netherlands, UK, and other EU member states. Now, the time has come to make a change and I feel confident that I can make a difference and contribute my learning to positive changes. I can support many individuals who want to make a difference and changemakers who already started working in the development field. I want to be a contributor in supporting their dream to make my dream come true.

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