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Hello. I'm Gehan - I'm a hoarder of bits of thinking and half formed disruptive thoughts with occasional bouts of fundamentalism about things that should be simple. I live in Glasgow, Scotland where I co-founded with some inspirational folks - the GalGael Trust. I prefer to think of myself more as a disruptive innovator than social entrepreneur or community regeneration practitioner - coming from a background in activism and useful unemployment to my current employed role at GalGael. Similarly, I prefer to describe GalGael as an organisation of social solidarity rather than a charity engaged in traditional forms of community development. We work together on the demanding common tasks that demonstrate ways of living with more humanity in our times. Our common tasks usually involve the making of craft items, processing timber for furniture and firewood, rural projects as well as events, boat building and rowing (when we can). This work creates dignity and respect as well as value. This is particularly important for the people and communities we stand with for whom work and meaning is not always possible. Much of our work is still informed by our beginnings at Pollok Free State - a motorway protest camp in response to the M77 which would cut through Pollok Park. The protest was started by local people and the camp went on to attract residents and visitors from all over Glasgow, and some pretty far flung corners of the world. We learned a lot about what freedom really means, how to create a place of safety (there were 3 near deaths) and how to take responsibility for a small area of un-lit woodland on the edge of a housing scheme in one of Glasgow's many communities that have suffered the worst effects of neoliberal policy. I still draw on and continue to learn from that experience.

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