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The best is to quote from my first single, Mamo-Mamo 1.   Been a trick since elementary school 2.   That I act like a fool pretending is the food 3.   Guards, cops, debt collectors hit me with their rules 4.   Kneel down in front of my oversized shoes 5.   Stole ‘em from the shops cuz I got no bucks 6.   But a little blue bag to hide the best thangs thus 7.   Win dance competitions with Gypsy superstitions[a] 8.   With moves like Michael Jackson, to yo’ satisfaction 9.   Way I talk, way I dress, boots I wear, the steps I have[b] 10. Way I feel, the way I love, the way I hate, the way I rock[c] 11.  Earn cash in the streets, with all the Gyppo geeks 12.  Sell the best products in the ghetto to the freaks 13.  No food on the table, ya know this kind of fable 14.  Yo mom mix the wine with the hottest chillies fine 15.   Dance till eight in the morning while local cops are calling 16.   Go kiddos to the school, keep acting like a fool 17.   I’ll smash yo party, ya‘ll think it’s pretty cool 18.   Open up yo pockets and stand up from your stool 19.   Move yo ass up, feel the Gypsy panic 20.   N I might just hit ’em up with Juicy magic

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