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<p>Tunisian Energy engineer with a passion and expertise of 10 years in Information Technology. Senior systems architect and IT consultant. Interested in web application development, mobile, and information technologies. e-Government specialist and Open Government advocate.<br><br>I'm member of the OpenGovTN and invited expert in the w3c eGov IG. Co-author of the first arabic book about OpenGov and OpenData titled "#7ell" which is available for free on <a href="http://www.opengov.tn">www.opengov.tn</a> under a creative commons license.</p><p>I've heared about Edgeryders project and curious to be part of this community.</p><p>Find out more at <a href="http://hbyconsultancy.com">http://hbyconsultancy.com</a></p>

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