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<p>I come from Greek Messinian heritage but I was born and raised in South Africa! I am currently living in Athens after many years of going back&nbsp; and forth. In total I have lived for 14 years in Greece and I am 37&nbsp; years old.</p><p>I am in the hospitality industry and eventhough I am qualified in general Hospitality and Tourism Management, my 15 year career path has led me to specialise in the Group, Conference and Events side of the Industry.&nbsp;</p><p>The hospitality industry is a "peoples" industry, where a service is not only a good meal but a human relationship&nbsp;- no matter how "short"&nbsp;or" long" that relationship may be.&nbsp;</p><p>In short my mission is that &nbsp;I want people to <u>NOT</u> stop believing in their humanity and to see how they may prosper and succeed by doing so both professionally&nbsp;and personally.</p><p>&nbsp;In turn I feel we need to "re-brand"&nbsp;human relations &nbsp;within the work place and beyond. &nbsp;We need to challenge how we have become within the workplace and in our&nbsp;own personal environment.&nbsp;&nbsp;If our first natural instinct or rather need as human beings is survival then &nbsp;why do most people still react on a survival instinct when they should know it is satisfied.?Ofcourse our needs have changed in todays' world but are we neglectling&nbsp; to realise that this instinct these new needs of the world&nbsp; as we know it, will eventually make us most vulnerable to the basic elements of survival itself.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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