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I am widely recognized as the world's first Online Community Manager. 1970-83 I lived at The Farm, the largest commune/collective in the US from 1970-83. It was there that I learned much of what informed my later career as a social media pioneer. During that time I assisted disaster relief in the American South, helped start a free ambulance service in the South Bronx, NY, and raised the seed money for the first bilingual free clinic in Washington DC. 1986-91 I was employee #2 at The WELL, widely considered the first online community. 1994-01 I co-founded and managed, the first large market news website in the world. We were the first to do many things that are now standard. 2002-3 Development Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation 2004-5 US employee of Sulake, a Finnish company that produces "Habbo Hotel" a site for teens. 2006-7 Director of 2008-15 Executive Director of Mendocino County Public Broadcasting, General Manager of KZYX-FM, a community-owned public FM radio station in northern California. 2015 - joined the Edgeryders group as a full member. 2016 - deliverd the keynote at LOTE5 in Brussels. Email me at: My website is

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