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Juliana Maria Van Hemelryck 1981, Cali, Colombia. Two of the most important things I know, I learned from my family. First my grandmother always used to say that the best way to spend money is travelling. And she never stopped. Second, my mother would always tell us that intelligent people don’t get bored. I have always tried to live by these two principles: travel as much as I can and never get bored. I am an eternal student and an insatiable explorer. I arrived to Matera after living in Bogotá, Mexico, Madrid, Milan, Valencia and Rougemont. I love to travel, to explore, to get lost, and to start all over again. I have always been interested about lots of things at the same time and that is why after starting to study medicine, art and literature, I ended up being an architect. My passion is designing public spaces and cities for citizens. I am an indecisive person and I see that being able to change your mind and path as a privilege. I feel that sometimes it is best to not plan too much ahead the route, because it always changes and varies –like in the garden of the forking paths, and I usually finish wandering through unexpected places. However, even if I do not end where I planned to, if I make a summary what I have learned and lived, I always find that I have gone much further than I ever imagined.

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